25th- 28th 2019
Rome, GA

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CONNECT helps married creative professionals break down the barriers between them so they can have a successful marriage in the midst of their jobs (and family!), without losing each other in the process.

Let's be honest - having your own business whether you and your spouse work in it together, or just one of you, it can definitely take its toll on one's marriage and family.

We are the few, and the privileged, who have the pleasure to work for ourselves (and some of us are moving towards that goal!) and there are those of us who even work together with our spouse (sometimes a recipe for disaster ;). It is NOT easy all the time and it's hard to find other couples who can relate to the joys and challenges we all face.

After 12 and half years of marriage, and 10 years of those years of running a business together, a 4 year old, a 2 year old, a baby and another on the way (whew!), we have gone through big ups and downs that a business and marriage can encounter. Our vision for this retreat is to not only share our stories of the obstacles we have faced and overcome (and the ones we are currently working through), but also to bring to you other married couples who have their own, unique stories and wisdom to share so that we all can learn from each other.

CONNECT is not an industry event. This is not about certain types of businesses, brand, your online marketing presence, or how to get more clients and sell better. It is our hearts for CONNECT to be a place for you to come and have a retreat with your spouse. This is a time for you to get away and refocus, reconnect with each other, make new friends, share your own story, and learn and grow from other married teams, and walk away encouraged, inspired and renewed.

We can't wait for you to join us.

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